A Place to Learn from the Best: MMACA

A Place to Learn from the Best: MMACA

One of the fastest growing sports in the world is MMA or mixed martial arts. The love that people have for watching two skilled people pitted against each other is unimaginable. Today players with similar fighting style and weight category are put together to beat each other. Their individual style and skills make the game worth the watch. These sports have also created some marketable stars who made in to the list of top famous athletes in the world. In fact, some of the athletes even make it to the entertainment industry. There is also a ruleset for the fighters which are applicable to all players and matches. Fighters can even combine different fighting style in order increase their chances of win.


MMACA or MMA Conditioning Association which happens to be a division of National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association was established with the goal of creating the most elite group of strength and conditioning combat sports experts. Students can become Certified MMA Conditioning Coach as this course is for martial arts school owners, fitness training pros, MMA coaches and fighters. The certified coaches have successfully trained numerous OneFC, Ballator MMA and UFC champions. More information is available at https://mixedmartialartsconditioningassociation.com.

The experience of an expert

The MMACA offers the chance to learn from the best as it brings in Chuck Liddell. Known as The Iceman, Chuck is a Hall of Famer and a Light-Heavy Weight Champion. The man with decades of experience is now in MMACA to add more to the training of the students. The curriculum is going to get more due to this partnership. Now students will have the chance to learn his favorite drills, workouts, circuits and his secrets to a successful career. The curriculum includes sports nutrition, exercise science, sports psychology, martial arts biomechanics, injury prevention, flexibility and balance training.