Mix-Country Skiing in Norwegian – Touring From Hut to Hut

Mix-Country Skiing in Norwegian – Touring From Hut to Hut

Ski-touring enthusiasts love Norwegian. And you may understand why: reliable snow, good internal transport that of your accord accepts skis as luggage, endless selection of valley routes and enormous scope to get the best-mountain routes. Most considerably, it possesses a wonderful network of huts, operated by a company known as DNT.

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DNT was created in 1868 and possesses resulted in Norway’s largest outdoors activity organisation. It’s greater than 200,000 people. The letters indicate Family area Norske Turistforening that’s usually converted as “The Norwegian Trekking Association”.

DNT’s stated aims are “to promote straightforward, active, versatile and eco-friendly outdoors activities and to preserve the outside along with the cultural landscape”. Used its primary roles are marking footpaths and ski routes, and looking out carrying out a network of huts in remote areas. In addition, it truly does work just as one ecological pressure group and lobbies created for “strict controlling motorised transport within the backwoods, since it damages landscape and threatens the outside experience”.

People can take part in budget accommodation greater than 400 huts. The majority are directly managed by DNT however, much more are operated by local affiliates or private individuals. You will find three groups of accommodation: staffed, self-service and unstaffed.

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Staffed huts resemble in standard to find the best Lower huts so that you can large, rural youth hostels within the united kingdom. Some have almost 200 beds. They’ve electricity and drying rooms. Some have showers, saunas and indoor toilets, in other people the toilets come in another block. Bunkrooms have two, four or higher beds. You may need a sheet sleeping bag, in certain huts the protector will rent you one. A whole meals services are provided. A lot of the staffed huts only open for very short periods of the year, particularly around Easter time time time. At other occasions most of them possess a small annexe you need to use round the self-service basis (see next paragraph). You can pay in cash, however, many staffed huts offer Cause of Purchase machines for payment by debit or credit cards.

Self-service (provisioned) huts are smaller sized sized sized in comparison with staffed huts, usually sleeping 5 – 25 people. You will find bunkbeds and blankets however, you’ll have to take the personal sheet sleeping bag. They’re unstaffed so you help make your own food, fetch water and apparent later on. They’re outfitted with wood stoves, containers and pans, crockery and utensils and they’ve causes of dried and tinned food that you just be happy. Spent by departing profit a great box cemented towards the wall or produce a direct debit single authorisation form by departing it within the secure box. These huts are locked, mainly using DNT’s standard key which may be provided by individuals, usually against a money deposit.

Unstaffed huts don’t have food stores. Otherwise they’re such as the self-service huts.


There are numerous groups of membership, each getting another annual fee. The next figures work for 2013. (NOK means Norwegian kroner.)

Full member (aged 27 – 66) NOK 570

Student/Youth (aged 19-26) NOK 300

School age (13 – 18 years) NOK 185

Child (-12 years) NOK 115

Member of the family (19 or greater) NOK 260

Senior member (67 or greater) NOK 440

Children, youthful children and family individuals have to participate concurrently as being a full member or senior member.

When Using The HUTS

You cannot reserve space at self-service or unstaffed huts. You simply appear. Using the season you might be the only real people there, by which situation it should take some time for the hut to warm-up, for snow to melt for consuming water and so forth. Alternatively the hut may be snappy – by which situation you might like to sleep on mattresses on the ground.

At staffed huts you can only make reservations for stays of three nights or longer. At Easter time time time, which may be almost unbelievably busy, some huts will not accept any prior reservations while some need only a couple of. Simply appear and take what you’re given.